Choi Yeo Jin, Kim Hee Jung, & Goo Jae Yi are flawless dancers in gorgeous ‘InStyle’ pictorial!

June Kang, July 22, 2016, 9:59 a.m.

Actresses Kim Hee Jung, Goo Jae Yi, and Choi Yeo Jin have teamed up for a gorgeous pictorial with ‘InStyle’ magazine where they each showcased their individual talents in dance! The stunning spread features the ladies showing off their moves, with Goo Jae Yi executing a flawless contemporary dance, Kim Hee Jung doing some hip-hop style choreography, and Choi Yeo Jin elegantly displaying her pole dancing skills.

All the ladies not only impress with their gorgeous moves, but their sleekly toned physiques as well! I mean, seriously, check out their perfectly toned arm muscles and abs!

Make sure to catch these lovely ladies in the latest issue of ‘InStyle’ magazine!

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