Choiza revealed love story with Sulli

Angela Jung, July 26, 2016, 9:07 a.m.

Rapper Choiza from hip-hop group Dynamic Duo spilled the beans on his relationship with Sulli from K-pop group f(x) on the SBS variety show “Self Disk Comic Club DISCO” on Monday. Their relationship was revealed in August 2014 and there is a 14-year age gap between them. Choiza is 36. 

The show’s host showed a picture of the two singers having beer at night. Choiza explained, “We were not a couple at the time that photo was taken, in fact, that was the first time we actually met alone.” “Sulli is a gourmet, so we met to grab some good food,” he said.

The rapper also talked about his first encounter with his girlfriend. “I met Sulli at Hee-chul’s military discharge party, I asked for her number,” Choiza said. Hee-chul is a close friend of Choiza and a member of K-pop group Super Junior.

He even revealed details about their romantic first kiss. “While I was producing a new song, I asked Sulli if she would like to hear it. After listening to the song, she said, ‘It is so good,’ and then it just happened naturally,” said the rapper. 

The couple has been dating since September 2013. They first met each other when Sulli was 20.

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