CJ E&M Invests $21 Million USD Towards K-pop Project “Boys24”

Ben Cho, Jan. 8, 2016, 9:55 a.m.

CJ E&M has announced the launch of their huge K-pop project “Boys24”! The company invested 25 billion won (approx. $21 million USD) into the project, and it really is a large scale project, looking at the details. The “Boys24” project will be a K-pop performance venue with 24 specially chosen male trainees, who after passing an audition and get the proper training, they will be holding live performances for 365 days straight at their permanent concert venue location. Yes, you read that right, 365. Days. Straight.


Liveworks Company, the gency which manages Shinhwa’s Hyesung and Minwoo, will be overseeing the management of the group. “Boys24” will start their K-pop performancesin August at the Popcorn Hall in the Mesa Building in Myeongdong, Seoul. There will be a variety of performances since the showcase performances will be joined with “Cirque de Soleil”. There will be all sorts of events affiliated with K-pop, such as musicals, acrobatic shows, and much more all joined together to bring in foreign tourists.


Before the performances start in August, a broadcast will be announced to show the audition program, which shows the selection process, training, and performance preparations. The company clarified that this isn’t a debut of a new idol group, but will be large K-pop performance venue.


What do you think of this ambitious project?

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