CL makes Billboard Social 50 amid mixed reaction

Su Jin Jang, Aug. 24, 2016, 9:34 a.m.

CL, a K-pop artist who recently marked her debut in the US music market with her new single “Lifted,” had her name marked on US’ Billboard Social 50 on Tuesday, but mixed reactions to her debut mean that she may not have got the honor for entirely positive reasons.

The Billboard Social 50 is a popularity chart that ranks the most active musical artists on the world’s leading social networking services. Featuring alongside other top world artists such as Ariana Grande, Justin Bieber and Adele, CL was one of the most spoken-about artists after the release of “Lifted.”

As there has been much expectation on the K-pop star, people’s comments were of a double edge sword, as they encountered an American style music sung by an Asian singer.

While CL’s “Lifted” gained praise for the singer’s new style, it also faced bitter criticism. Some accused it of being a tepid imitation of American hip-hop and rap styles, especially in the US.

The music video hit over 5 million views, gaining extra attention as it was directed by Dave Meyers, who has also worked with artists including Missy Elliot and Justin Bieber. The clip also featured Method Man, a member of legendary hip-hop group Wu-Tang Clan, whose eponymous track was reinterpreted to create “Lifted.” 

To some people, however, it looked as if CL tried play it safe by using old school US music styles.

The certainty of CL’s success in the US music market is currently the subject of debate.

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