Clara called out for discrepancies in her statements

D-Bo, Sept. 10, 2013, 6:18 a.m.

If you couldn't tell by now, Clara is the 'it' girl these days in Korea, becoming a household name with her sudden surge in popularity this year. As her fame grows, her statements are scrutinized to the smallest details by the public, so it's no surprise that she's found herself under heat for her contrasting statements made on various broadcast programs.

This seems to have been fueled from her recent issue on 'Happy Together 3', where viewers felt that she made it seem as if her late-night dish shown on the show was her own original idea, when it was something that has been circulating the web for a long time.

Even though she and her agency have apologized and clarified that she never meant to lead the viewers to think that it was her own idea, it apparently wasn't enough as netizens are now questioning her statements made on different shows.

The following are some of the discrepancies that netizens have pointed out and Clara's agency's response:

1. On 'Happy Together 3', Clara mentions that she never learned yoga, but attempts a difficult move, pulling it off effortlessly. However, on past episodes of 'Singles 2' that aired a while back, Clara was seen receiving pointers from a yoga instructor while learning how to do Yoga poses. She also demonstrated yoga on other programs like 'Vitamin' and 'Reckless Family'.

Agency's explanation: "Clara has been maintaining her figure with frequent trips to the health club. She has never officially learned yoga. When women are trained at health clubs, they do a lot of stretching and exercises that increase flexibility... Clara also received these kinds of lessons, so it seems she was able to pull off the moves seen on 'Happy Together' because of her good flexibility. Although she did receive pointers from a yoga instructor on 'Singles', she never received actual yoga lessons before."

2. Clara mentioned on Y-STAR's 'God of Food Road' that she does not like chicken and beer. But then on SBS's 'Cultwo Show' she said that she really enjoys chicken and beer.

Agency's explanation: "Although she likes chicken, she doesn't drink beer frequently... On 'Cultwo Show', she was just referring to chicken and beer in a broader sense, and that brought about misunderstanding. She couldn't explain about each separate component [chicken, beer] in detail on broadcast."

3. Clara delved into the matter of relationships with fellow celebrities, mentioning on tvN's 'One in Fantasy' that she never had a relationship with another celebrity. Then a week later, she was on MBC's 'Radio Star' saying that her top-star boyfriend in the past became obsessed with her.

Agency explanation: "Clara had hid her past relationship on 'One in Fantasy' because she wanted to be careful as she was the first guest... it seems like on 'Radio Star', she ended up getting caught up in the questions by the skilled MCs."

For those still not sure of who Clara is exactly, this model and actress originally went by the name of Lee Sung Min. Feeling that her name seems manly and doesn't stand out from the masses, she started to utilize the name of Clara instead. She started to rise to popularity with the program 'Singles', where her sexy image was emphasized. With her name becoming more known, she was able to throw the opening pitch for a baseball game where her body-hugging tights helped further propel her into stardom. Soon she was demanded for guest appearances on all the popular broadcast programs, becoming a household name with her sexy figure and pretty face. Although she's received a lot of love rising to stardom thanks to her sexy image, she's also been met with negativity as well. Most of the backlash she's received from netizens are due to her multiple mentions of wanting to be recognized for her acting rather than her sexy image, but yet continues to put on tight clothing and participate in sexy pictorials.

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