Clara Discusses Her Life Changing Baseball Pitch

Sensitive Artist, Dec. 18, 2014, 10:04 a.m.

KBS 2TV's "Happy Together 3" had the very beautiful Clara sit down with them for a guest appearance on December 18th, and she discussed how much her life changed after her famous leggings baseball pitch!

Clara commented, "After the leggings first pitch, everything changed.  The name Clara got out there and I got to film movies.  I was a fill-in for the first pitch.  I was contacted three days before, so I practiced on the mound for those three days.  When I stood up on the mound, the sound of the roaring was so exciting that I jumped without even knowing.  It was fun."

The MC's then brought up speculation that there might have even been a financial change. Clara responded, "My profits expanded tenfold.  Before that, I only had profits made from dramas.  I didn't even have CFs.  My dream was to get my picture taken at the airport," which is considered the sign of being famous.

The MC's then asked, "How do the reporters know [you'll be at the airport]?"  "I was so curious," she answered.  "These days, a lot of people come looking for me [at airports] and take a lot of pictures, so I'm happy."

Even though many idols have complained about the hardships of airport fashion, it seems that Clara might consider those moments as her time to shine.

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