Clara Releases Audio Recording of Polaris Entertainment CEO Allegedly Issuing Threats

luvsmiling, March 17, 2015, 2:36 p.m.

The saga continues between actress Clara and Polaris Entertainment CEO Lee Kyu Tae.  On March 17, Channel A News aired an exclusive report in regards to the lawsuit between Polaris Entertainment and Clara with a recording of CEO Lee Kyu Taeallegedly threatening the celebrity. 

In the recording, you can hear Lee Kyu Tae saying to Clara, "[Celebrity A] ultimately said that she wasn't going to work with me anymore and I stopped everything in one day. CJ,Loen, I stopped every airing, right? She was nothing after that. I'm talking about that. If I wanted to...

The reporter then finished Lee Kyu Tae's sentence, claiming that he had said, "If I wanted to, I can easily stop the path of any celebrity." According to the report, Clara claimed that these were the words Lee Kyu Tae had said to Clara back in August 2014.

CEO Lee Kyu Tae was also heard saying, "What can you gain when I get mad? I can use the money that I could've used for your benefit to destroy you. You don't know, you don't know who I am. I can see everything that you're doing, your Kakao messages, even the messages you send after changing your phone." 

Later that day, Polaris Entertainment addressed the report, confidently stating that the so-called evidence was not enough to turn the tables around, and told Star Today, "[The police] sent its opinion about prosecuting Clara and her father Lee Seung Kyu on the charges of joint-blackmailing to the prosecutor's office. Everything can be explained through [the outcome of the case]. We don't feel the need to respond to this."  The agency added that they have enough evidence against Clara of her wrongdoings. 

Meanwhile, it was previously reported that Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency sent its opinion about prosecuting Clara and her father and believed that Clara's father had blackmailed CEO Lee Kyu Tae with claims of sexual humiliation in order to terminate the contract. 

Clara Lee, better known by her mononym, Clara, is a Swiss-born British actress and model active in South Korea. She is the daughter of South Korean singer Lee Seung-kyu, a former member of the bilingual band, Koreana.  Clara made her entertainment debut under her birth name in 2005 and starred in her first film in 2009, Five Senses of Eros. In January 2012, she adopted Clara as her stage name, which was announced at a press conference for the drama series, Take Care of Us, Captain. Reasons given for the name change included the fact that her birth name, Sung-min, was "male-sounding" and that her English name had always been Clara.

In May 2013, Clara became an overnight sensation online after throwing a ceremonial first pitch in a professional baseball game dressed in form-fitting leggings. She has since been hailed as an up-and-coming star and a sex symbol. In September 2013, Clara drew criticism from South Korean netizens for apparently contradicting herself on television by saying she liked to eat chicken and drink beer in one program and stating the contrary in another. Consequently, she closed down her Twitter and Facebook accounts.

 Afterwards, she again played supporting roles in the television series Goddess of Marriage (2013) and Emergency Couple(2014), followed by a leading role in the sex comedy film Casa Amor: Exclusive for Ladies (2015).

In December 2014, she filed a lawsuit against her agency Polaris Entertainment to nullify her contract on the grounds of being sexually harassed by its president Lee Kyu-tae; Polaris denied those allegations and countered that Clara had been blackmailing the agency to end her contract which is due to expire in 2018.


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