Clara Stays Abroad and Her Manager Sets Up Meetings with Advertisers to Settle Disputes

Sensitive Artist, Jan. 29, 2015, 11:11 a.m.

In face of advertisers' increasing demands and requests to meet with Clara in order to collect on possible penalty fees and contract terminations, the actress' manager Mr. Kim has announced to the press and media that he will personally be meeting them on Clara's behalf. Mr. Kim shed light on the difficult situations that their side have been undergoing recently and said, "I have felt down to my bones how difficult and scary it is to go against someone of power."

"Whatever the reason is, we're sorry to the public to be the ones standing in the center of this controversy. I will be meeting with the advertisers soon to figure out a way to amicably resolve the issues."

It was mentioned previously that several advertisers who signed with the actress to endorse their products have begun to threaten to file lawsuits against her due to her harming their brand image. It seems that Mr. Kim will be stepping forward to meet them, but will be doing it alone since Clara is still staying abroad and does not seem to have any plans on returning soon.

Mr. Kim discussed some other issues with the case saying, "Honestly, we are feeling betrayed at the tyrannical actions of some of the media outlets and other sources that we had trusted... In this kind of situation, there is no one to trust and turn to. For a while we had no choice but to respond to matters only through our lawyer."

Another representative from Clara's camp discussed the actress' whereabouts saying, "Clara is currently in Hong Kong shooting for a short film that will be aired during the film festival there. She will not be returning to Korea before the month is over. After she finishes filming, she'll be heading over to the U.S. to take on drama and movie auditions. She will be carrying out various overseas activities for the next two months... We have no choice but to continue with our scheduled activities, we can't change them. It's expected that Clara will return to Korea around March. The schedules she'll be carrying out until then have been all decided on before all this, so she can't avoid them."

In regards to the Korean Entertainment Management Association's statement released previously that urged the actress to stop her celebrity activities while her case is still ongoing, her representatives answered, "Clara will be carrying out her overseas activities for the time being. We have nothing to say regarding the statement made by the association."

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