Clara talks about her future plans in International bnt

Jun Ko, Dec. 27, 2017, 10:36 a.m.

In her interview with 'International bnt', actress-model Clara gave details on her current activities. She stated that her new drama will be airing early 2018, along with three other films. When asked about her future activities, she stated how she wanted to delve more into fashion. She stated that, "If given the opportunity, I would like to continue to participate in various fashion design projects." She expressed her interest in jewelry design. Given her background in fashion design and her hosting DongA TV 'Beauty School', she definitely seems like she'll be successful in pursuing fashion. She stated how much fun she had while hosting the show: "Since I'm interested in fashion and beauty, it's really fun learning about beauty techniques. Also it's really great working with people around the same age." 

She also stated that she wished to get involved in a project within Korea soon and is eagerly looking for her project there. Good luck to her!

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