Clara Talks to SBS’ ‘One Night of TV Entertainment’ About Polaris CEO Lee Kyu Tae

luvsmiling, April 30, 2015, 10:06 a.m.

The scandal embroiling between actress Clara and Polaris CEO Lee Kyu Tae has been continuing for some time.  The actress recently spoke with SBS’ One Night of TV Entertainment addressing her thoughts on the current situation on hand.  Polaris CEO Lee Kyu Tae had asked Clara to be a loobyist rather than a celebrity.  The issue lies in the current investigation open against the CEO for his lobbying efforts in an arms deal. 

Following the April 25 episode of SBS’ “The Unanswered,” which put a spotlight on the lawsuit between Clara and Lee Kyu Tae, talk emerged about Lee Kyu Tae’s alleged lobbying request to Clara. An acquaintance of Clara’s spoke to “The Unanswered” in an interview: “Polaris’ Lee Kyu Tae asked Clara on several occasions what she thought about being a lobbyist instead of a celebrity.” The acquaintance added, “I heard that he said [to Clara] that she speaks English well, so he wants to make her into a lobbyist.”

While “Night of TV Entertainment” made phone contact with Clara, she simply said, “I can’t personally tell you anything on the issue. Continued association with him is so scary.” She continued, “I can’t even go outside right now, among other things. The people that get hurt from messing with him [Lee Kyu Tae] are me and my father. If things continue, my father and I will be too scared to remain in Korea.” 

“Night of TV Entertainment” also attempted to make contact with Polaris Entertainment. However, an associate at the Polaris office stated that there was no one present who could speak to the show, and that “there is no statement to make to the press.”


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