Clara's Reps Give Detailed Response Regarding Sexual Harassment Case

SWAG-tastic Voyage, Jan. 15, 2015, 10:29 a.m.

There is definitely a lot of doubts due to the vague and vastly different statements made between actress Clara and her agency, Polaris Entertainment. It was previously reported that Polaris Entertainment planned to sue Clara for unknown reasons, and recently it was revealed that Clara had filed a civil suit against the agency in order to try and nullify her contract claiming sexual harassment. To retaliate, Polaris Entertainment stated on January 15th that Clara had threatened them to void the contract and stated herself that she would claim sexual harassment.

On the very same day that Polaris Entertainment released a statement regarding Clara's threat, Clara's law firm SM Law released their own statement which read:

"Clara's exclusive company is KoreanaClara, which Clara's parents have established, and the opposite party, Ilkwang Polaris, is an agency company that was delegated a portion of authority from KoreanaClara to enter into casting negotiations for Clara's CF and movie appearances.

On that note, Ilkwang Polaris is not Clara's agency.  Furthermore, KoreanaClara was first established after which KoreanaClara and Ilkwang Polaris signed an agency contract; the rumor going around that Clara signed an exclusive contract with Ilkwang Polaris and then after she started doing well wanted independence from the company is not true.

This case could have been handled civilly as a usual breach of contract and cancellation problem; hence, suing her on the basis of threat was not proper, and it can be conjectured that Ilkwang Polaris sued Clara for [allegedly] threatening them because Clara is a celebrity and they considered that, in the case of disputes with celebrities, a criminal case more than a civil case would be a bigger blow to an opposing party that is a celebrity.  

Clara has actually already underwent a police investigation in two parts that went over 12 hours, resulting in a huge mental and physical trauma, not to mention Clara's mother even received hospital treatment due to trauma.  Despite that, Clara is faithfully fulfilling her schedule for celebrity promotions as planned in order to avoid disappointing the people around her."

Responding to Polaris Entertainment's claim that Clara had gone to them in tears to apologize, the law firm said, "Polaris's lawyer said, 'If you go to the president and apologize, we will cancelyour contract,' so believing that, she went to him and apologized; that is all."

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