Clazziquai Releases Newest Track ‘Speak of Love’

Ben Cho, Sept. 20, 2016, 8:28 a.m.

Clazziquai has just made their return with the release of their title track ‘Speak of Love’. The track comes from the group’s 7th full album ‘Travellers’, and the easygoing track features a blend of Latin sound with many different instruments, and sing about the feelings of both sexes when they get overwhelmed with their relationships.


Clazziquai Project, is a South Korean experimental band that combines several genres including electronic music, acid jazz and house. The group's first short unofficial albums were released online in 2001, spreading its music through words of "netizens," who positively received the group's music. They remained underground until the release of their first album Instant Pig in 2004, selling over 80,000 copies. Since then, their music has been used in various television commercials, shows, and films, and they have been given the chance to perform at various events.

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