Clazziquai’s Horan Gets Fined 7 Million KRW for Third DUI

Paul Lee, Jan. 9, 2017, 8:21 a.m.

Clazziquai’s Horan has just been fined a handsome sum of 7,000,000 KRW (approx. $5,800 USD) for her latest drunk driving offense. Horan has been charged with driving under the influence in the past, crashing into a parked truck on September 29th of last year which caused the driver to be hospitalized for two weeks. Her blood alcohol level was at 0.106%.


After considering her past offenses, the police have fined her 7 million KRW for the recent incident. Horan was fined twice before already, one time in 2004 and another in 2007. Many have stated that Horan most likely has been driving drunk many times, and just has not been caught. Some are requesting that her license be suspended, instead of the idol just being fined. More updates to follow.

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