CLC Are the Endorsement Models for Bicycle Shopping Mall "GorgoTago"

Sensitive Artist, March 27, 2015, 10:54 a.m.

The girl group CLC just made their debut last week, and they already have grabbed a very big endorsement deal! CLC was selected to be the main models for the top biking shopping mall "Gorgotago". In the pictures, you can see the girls bringing their positive energy and spirit into the pictures and the brand, and will be attracting potential customers!

Not only was CLC chosen to be the endorsement models for the brand, but 4minute's Jiyoon was responsible for composing the "Gorgotago" song!

A "Gorgotago" representative said that they had been keeping their eyes on CLC since before they even made their debut, when they were performing on the streets of Hongdae. The shopping mall stated that the group had a "natural energy and healthy and original image" which fell in line with their own brand's image.

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