CNBLUE Individual Baby Pictures Revealed

Hyo Jin Lee, April 1, 2016, 10:51 a.m.

CNBLUE fans received a well-deserved present from the k pop boy group as individual baby pictures have been revealed.  On April 1, pictures of little Yonghwa, Minhyuk, Jonghyun, and Jungshin were revealed on CNBLUE's official SNS. Their baby pictures are placed next to their new album teaser images. It shows how the adorable babies grew up to become handsome idols.

CNBLUE is a South Korean pop rock band formed in Seoul. The lineup originally consisted of Jung Yong-hwa (leader, guitar, main vocals, rap), Lee Jong-hyun (guitar, vocals), Kang Min-hyuk(drums), and Kwon Kwang-jin (bass), and they released their debut Japanese mini-album Now or Never in 2009. Kwon Kwang-jin left the band shortly after and was replaced by Lee Jung-shin (bass, rap).

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