Comedian Hong Yoon Hwa Makes Public Apology to EXO’s Suho and His Fanbase

Paul Lee, Sept. 15, 2015, 11:18 a.m.

Comedian Hong Yoon Hwa has stepped forward in order to make a public apology addressed to EXO’s Suho as well as his entire fanbase. It looks like the comedian was seen conducting inappropriate physical contact with Suho in a recent filming session. Hong Yoon Hwa posted on her personal blog on September 15th, "I wrapped up filming the Chuseok special of 'Star King' yesterday, and a bit ago, I saw the comments left by EXO Suho's fans. They're saying that I felt up Suho's thigh, and he felt uncomfortable, so he avoided me. They're asking me to explain and apologize."


She continued on to say, "Firstly, I apologize to Suho and his fans... I apologize for causing people to get angry, hurt, or shocked. Someone said that I was massaging him. It wasn't like that. Totally. Not. I'm not that kind of person. We were trying to make a funny situation, so I sat on the right side of him. It was filmed in a way that we were as far away from each other as possible. No matter what I say about the situation, I apologize for causing anger."

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