Comedian Yoo Sang-moo battles colorectal cancer

Alice Lee, April 10, 2017, 10:03 a.m.

Yoo Sang-moo has been diagnosed with colorectal cancer, according to the comedian’s agency Koen Stars. Yoo is set to go through a surgery for stage three colorectal cancer at National Cancer Center in Gyeonggi Province on Monday. He was hospitalized on Saturday. 

Yoo, who reportedly has been undergoing cancer treatment since the diagnosis, didn’t share the news with his fans until he revealed his illness via social media on Friday. He wrote, “I am so sorry to have worried you. I became a comedian to make you laugh, and I will give you laughter again in the future.” 

The comedian has kept a low profile since he was accused of sexual assault in July 2016. Yoo’s accuser dropped her accusation but halted his activities on TV programs. “Yoo may have been under a lot of stress going through the incident,” said an agency official. 

“He will recover soon after the surgery as he shows strong and positive attitude toward the treatment.”

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