Comedian Yoo Sang Moo’s Girlfriend Accuses Him of Rape

Nicholas Kim, May 18, 2016, 10:43 a.m.

Comedian Yoo Sang Moo is under fire lately after a late night phone call was made to the authorities stating that the comedian had sexually assaulted the caller, a female in her 20’s at a Gangnam motel on May 17th at about 3 PM. The news has rocked the entertainment industry, but updates have been released, and it’s not sure whether these charges are serious or not.


Yoo Sang Moo’s label Koen Stars has stepped forward to address the claims that were made, and they stated, "After confirming with Yoo Sang Moo, we've found out that the false rumor came out of a recent outing he had with friends. There was no incident of Yoo Sang Moo going under investigation by the police. At the recent outing, Yoo Sang Moo, his girlfriend, and a few acquaintances were present. The outing must have lasted late throughout the night, causing such happenings. We apologize for creating a fuss." 


Shortly afterwards, his alleged girlfriend retracted the charges made towards Yoo Sang Moo from the Seoul Gangnam Police Department. The police department commented, "Early this morning, we received a call regarding sexual assault. However, the woman who reported it called 112 to cancel. We haven't investigated the persons in question yet. After meeting with the woman and looking into the matter, we will conduct an investigation."


Yoo Sang Moo then stated officially that the woman is his girlfriend and said, "Yesterday night, my girlfriend, her older sister, myself, and someone else drank alcohol. My girlfriend got really drunk and made the report. She usually can't drink, so I think she blacked out."


The comedian then said, "I hope that you think of this recent incident not as a big issue, but as a drunken happening." How serious or harmless do you think these comments are?

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