Concept Korea Fashion Designers showcased at New York Fashion Week

Jimmy Pak, Feb. 13, 2014, 3:55 p.m.

Concept Korea has showcased a total of 4 designers at their 9th show at the Lincoln Center, during New York fashion Week. Concept Korea is a government-sponsored collaborative project, whose goal is to promote South Korea Fashion designers in the United States Market.

The 4 designers, Lee Suk Tae, Choi Bo Ko, Ko Tae Yong, and Park Youn Soo, all brought different styles of fashion to the Lincoln Center.

Lee presented a modernized grunge look, while Choi showcased various coats in white and multi-colors. Yong on the other hand introduced his militaristic bomber jackets, trench boats, and navy suits, while Park presented modern day family ‘dinner table’ prints on his line.

“The strength of K-fashion is its quick emergence, strong mindset and the energy needed to grow,” stated Park Youn Soo. “Korean fashion designers receive strong support from the country. The chance to present in a big stage like Lincoln Center for New York Fashion Week cannot happen on our own in one or two seasons without help.”

Lee Suk Tae was one to state how Korean fashion designers developed strong sewing techniques and make good fabric selections. “Together with great designs, the quality of our clothes is very high.”

“I went to KCON [an annual Korean music festival] in L.A. last year and found that people who like K-pop also showed interest in K-fashion,” said Ko Tae Yong. “Collaboration or a project with a K-pop star, using star marketing as a tool, will present our work to a bigger market.”

“K-pop is a combination of excitement and sorrow,” Choi Bo Ko remarked. “All these emotions are expressed in a song, which touches people all around the world. Fashion is the same way. If we bring out these emotions through Korean fashion, we can become a big force in the fashion market worldwide.”

Mr. Cho is not only inspired by Korean culture for his fashion. When asked which designer he respects most, he responded Marc Jacobs. “His work is spread all over the world. I’m amazed by his artist collaborations between the East and the West. He has a great marketing plan to target Asian customers.”

“Aspire to Inspire” was the show’s theme. The show began with a short dance performance titled “Alaska.” Alaska featured two Korean musical actors as well as 3 dancers. It told the story of a traveler discovering the aurora, the greatest inspiration in his life.

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