Cosmopolitan China Releases Even More Shots of T.O.P

Nicholas Kim, Aug. 9, 2016, 9:59 a.m.

Cosmopolitan China has just released even more sexy photos of BIG BANG member T.O.P! It almost seems like every single picture, whether it be final production or b-cut, is just too nice to throw away! The magazine has now just released the behind the scenes stills of the idol, but even his b-cuts look amazing it seems, as they have chosen to feature the photos throughout the magazine.


The artist shows his charismatic and stylish look, and with his handsome features he really jumps out of the magazine’s pages. The charisma and style of T.O.P prove that some artist’s b-cuts will always manage to be as good as others’ final production shots! Check out the photos of T.O.P below!

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