Couple Ga In and Joo Ji Hoon to Talke Legal Action Against Those Who Spread False Rumors

Hyo Jin Lee, April 20, 2016, 11:25 a.m.

A recent picture photo resembling Brown Eyed Girl’s Ga In and boyfriend Joo Ji Hoon has been circulating around the internet.  The photo depicts a couple in a sexual scenario.  The stars and their agencies have come forth to deny that the parties in the picture are of that of Ga In and Joo Ji Hoon. 

Joo Ji Hoon's label Keyeast Entertainment has come out to say, "The leak regarding his personal life is false. There's no truth to it. We're planning to take strong legal action against the original rumor starter and those who spread the rumor. We'll also be doing the same for the news media outlets that ran reports like it was the truth without confirmation."

Mystic Entertainment also expressed, "The rumors regarding Ga In are false, and we'll be taking legal action against the original rumor starter and the media outlet that first reported on it."

Ga In is a South Korean singer, actress, and entertainer. She is best known as a member of the Korean pop music girl-group Brown Eyed Girls and for her appearances alongside Jo Kwon from 2AM for TV shows We Got Married and All My Love. As a solo artist she has released five EPs.

Joo Ji Hoon is a South Korean actor. His first leading role was as Crown Prince Lee Shin in 2006 hit television series Princess Hours. His other notable works include films Antique in 2008 and as the future Sejong the Great in I Am a King in 2012 and The treacherous in 2015. He act as Choi Minwoo in his latest hit drama Mask




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