Craigslist Korea is Home for Soliciting Fetishes, Visas, and Prostitution

D-Bo , Feb. 12, 2015, 9:28 a.m.

According to a recent article by the Korean Observer, Craigslist in Korea is allowing adverts from married men cheating on their wife, visa sponsorship based on physical appearance, those soliciting prostitution, and fulfilling sexual fetishes.  In the past five days several posts have been from married men in their 30s and 40s looking to have discreet affairs with foreign women.

“Middle-aged Korean looking for a white sugar baby – 43 (Gangnam),” the title reads.  “I am a bit successful 40 something Korean. I am looking for a sugar baby who I can casually meet. My work is near Samsung station so I would like someone nearby. I also would like a slim white girl but it’ll be ok if you are a different color but pretty,” he wrote.

Another 41-year-old man in Seoul seeking an affair is equally brash.  “Married Korean guy seeking foreign girl to have fun with. I would like to meet foreign girls to have fun with. I don’t drink so we won’t be drinking or clubbing.”

While most of Korean society condemns extramarital affairs, some do not find it a moral issue.  The Pew Research Center conducted a random sample survey of 809 Koreans over the age of 18 about the morality of extrametrical affairs and divorce.   They found that eight percent believe it is acceptable to have an affair and eight percent believe it is not a moral issue.

Twenty-five percent believe it is unacceptable to divorce.  There are also some craigslist members offering visa sponsorship for ladies. 

“Chinese/ Vietnamese/ Filipino/ Thai/ Nepal/ Indian/ Paki girl, I can sponsor you generously if you are studying in Korea. Please contact me for more details.”

A 28-year-old American man is also offering visa sponsorship.

“Long-term Sponsor (South Korea), rich American male, new to Korea. Looking to sponsor someone in need. Any nationality, up to age 35. Older if you still look good. I’m young, great personality, not too hard on the eyes. Why am I doing this? Because I like it, and because I can. Hit me up.”

There are also several offers from men requesting sexual services from girls for money.  Some are straight shooters offering 150,000 Won for an evening of dinner followed by BDSM in a love hotel while others offer “compensation.”

“Interested in making pocket money? (SEOUL). I am looking for ladies who want to have some fun. There is a monetary reward. If you are interested, contact me.”

Prostitution is officially illegal in Korea despite it being a prosperous trade.

Korean firms’ annual usage of corporate credit cards at hostess bars once again reached more than $1 billion in 2013, according to a report by the National Tax Service. The Ministry for Gender Equality in South Korea states there were 5,103 prostitutes in 2013.

According to a decade old study by the Korean Institute of Criminology, one-fifth of men in their 20s were buying sex at least four times a month. Current statistics are unavailable.

There are a few unusual Craigslist ads from Korean men proposing to clean ladies apartments in the nude while she slaps his bottom and others demanding sex slaves that are fine with being “tied up and gagged” as well as being “punished.”


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