Crayon Pop Sings the OST for High School Love On titled ‘C’mon C’mon’

kpride, Sept. 26, 2014, 10:26 a.m.

Crayon Pop has revelealed the fifth track for the original soundtrack to the popular Korean drama series High School Love On, which stars member ChoA.   High School Love On is a 2014 Korean romantic teen fantasy drama series, starring Kim Sae-ron, as an angel that finds herself human, with Nam Woo-hyun and Lee Sung-yeol, of the band Infinite, as her suitors.

The first of 20 episodes aired on July 11, 2014, and in a break with normal Korean television scheduling, it is planned that the series will air one episode a week for 20 weeks in a regular Friday night 20.55 slot.  Check out the OST and let us know your thoughts!

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