Crayon Pop to be Made Into Comic Cartoon

luvsmiling, July 28, 2014, 6:16 p.m.

Chrome Entertainment has revealed that their group Crayon Pop will have their own comic book.  The comic book will be based on the actual real life story of the group starting from July 31 on Coupang. The series will have 5 books, starting from their pre-debut preparing stage to the days where the promoted themselves through streetside guerrilla concerts, and then finally their success with "Bar Bar Bar".

Chrome Entertainment said, "It's based on a true story and made so readers young and old can enjoy it. It's going to be like reading a fun comic. You can see Crayon Pop's full story in the comics, from performing streetside guerrilla concerts in the cold winter just in sweatsuits up to them winning #1 on the main channels. You can look forward to it."

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