Crayon Pop’s ChoA Confirmed to debut as an actress in Drama “High School: Love On”

No1uKnow, June 5, 2014, 10:41 a.m.

Crayon Pop member ChoA has been casted to debut as an actress in KBS2 drama “High School: Love On.” The singer was captured in photographs on set, acting, and also enjoying some fried chicken, presumably during a break in filming.

Crayon Pop’s talent agency Chrome Entertainment's rep confirmed and explained that ChoA has been wanting to get into acting for some time. “ChoA has been taking acting lessons for quite some time, despite the fact that Crayon Pop has been exceptionally busy of late. She will certainly be performing as an actress in the future.

ChoA also expressed her thoughts upon landing the role, “I am so happy to get this chance. Even if it might not be the biggest of roles, I will do my best, and try not to ruin the drama!

The drama is a romantic fantasy which will span over 20 episodes and is scheduled to air starting on June 27..

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