Crispi Crunch Releases Official MV for “GangstaGram”

Ben Cho, Dec. 24, 2015, 10:37 a.m.

Crispi Crunch, known for their unique blend of humor with their hip-hop music, has just made their return with their track titled “GangstaGram”! The new track is a little different from their usually hilarious tracks like “Sajangnim Nice Shot!” and “Thumbs Up”. The duo released a more serious song that was poking fun at the wannabe’s of the music scene. The duo can be seen mocking the wannabe artists with their over the top gestures and swag.


Crispi Crunch (크리스피 크런치) is a South Korean hip-hop duo consisting of leader CSP who founded the hip-hop label/crew Soul Connection and Little Cheezy. They debuted as a trio in early 2010, but they are now a duo. They debuted as a duo in September 2011 with their title track "Thumbs Up". They became more famous when Bang Yong-guk revealed he used to practice with them and that CSP was his rap mentor.

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