Crush Discusses How He Almost Quit Music and Thanks Zion. T on "4 Things Show"

SWAG-tastic Voyage, Feb. 18, 2015, 10:20 a.m.

For the February 17th episode of Mnet's "4 Things Show", Zion. T and Crush made a feature on the show where the two had revealed how they began to work together and the chemistry that they had as a collaboration duo. Crush expressed his gratitude for Zion. T by thanking him for motivating him as well as pointing him in the right direction.

Crush stated, "Honestly, even when I was working on the project, I was in a slump. So when I was in my cave about 567 floors down, Zion.T held my finger and pulled me up." He then continued on to add, "I initially debuted in 2012 as Master Piece. Cheetah did well in 'Show Me The Money 1' so I thought that we had vision as a team, but there was barely any response and I thought that music wasn't my path."

Crush then discussed how he was on the edge of quitting music altogether before he met Zion. T. He told the story of how he decided to stay in music by saying,  "I drank and wasn't able to sleep for three days. My father told me that it was enough. I was on air once and my dad told me to work under him and do music as a hobby. It was as if I was hit with a dagger. I met Zion.T at that timeWhen I thought of quitting music, I met Zion.T. I sent a demo to him and he sent me back an email.

In the e-mail, Zion. T complimented Crush and told the young singer, "Even if Crush didn't meet me, I think he would come across [another] opportunity. After listening to Crush's demo, I felt a huge energy [coming from him], so I couldn't not reply."

Crush then reminisced about how he was criticized for his awkward dancing for his first "M! Countdown" broadcast with the release of "Hug Me". Crush commented, "I did my first pre-recording for 'M! Countdown' for 'Hug Me'. It was 6am at the time. I had to think about my dance, my expression, and singing, so I just ruined everything that day.

He ended with, "I really want to dance and I like to dance, but I realized that singing while dancing doesn't just happen because you have the will [to do so]. Can't you just watch it? It's not like I'm a dancing machine, I just did it cause I wanted to. Why do you say so many things? Stop leaving such hateful comments!

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