CSJH The Grace's Lina and Musical Actor Jang Seung Jo Will Be Getting Married

Maximiliano VCHK, July 25, 2014, 10:43 a.m.

CSJH The Grace's Lina (age 30) and musical actor Jang Seung Jo (age 33) will be getting married in November!

This is surprising news, due to the fact that the two celebrities' agencies had vehemently denied the two being a couple when rumors arose earlier this year. Reports stated that the two had begun dating after meeting while working on the musical "Temptation of Wolves" together, but the two agencies had stated that the relationship was purely platonic. In a shocking turn of events, now it seems that they have been dating for the past two years already, and will be getting married in only a few months!

An industry insider spoke to Herald POP saying, "Jang Seung Jo and Lina will hold their wedding ceremony on November 22. They personally met up with and greeted those around them and the news of their wedding is slowly becoming known... The two are both occupied with carrying out their set schedules while preparing for their wedding. They have musical schedules later this year so they have decided to temporarily postpone their honeymoon."

Lina's agency SM Entertainment spoke to multiple media outlets stating, "The two will be getting married after dating for 2 years... They progressed from being a sunbae-hoobae to that of a couple. They will hold their wedding ceremony on November 22... We will share the details at a later time... We ask that you congratulate them." Jang Seung Jo's agency chimed in and gave confirmation that this information was true as well.

A big congratulations to the soon to be newlyweds!  Stay tuned here at Koogle.tv for more news and updates on your favorite celebrities!

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