CSJH The Grace’s Stephanie Releases Album Cover and MV Teaser for “Up, Up”

Guster Moon, Oct. 8, 2015, 11:53 a.m.

CSJH The Grace’s Stephanie has just announced that she will be releasing her newest track “Up, Up” soon, and to let her fans know exactly what she has in store for them, she has revealed the album cover photo as well as a music video teaser clip for her upcoming album, “Top Secret”!


Stephanie is ferocity personified, and she doesn’t hide it with her skin-tight shiny black outfit. This comeback looks like one we definitely should be on top of. The title song is “Up, Up” (Literal Title), and her agency stated, "You'll be able to feel Stephanie's transformation into Korea's Madonna when listening to this song."

Those are some very big praises, and we want to see her live up to it!
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