D-Unit's Ram transforms into Bruce Lee as a CF model for 'Showcase'

LrgnNChrg, Jan. 23, 2014, 10:41 a.m.

D-Unit's Ram is planning to show some comedic acting dressed in Bruce Lee's famous yellow tracksuit. According to her agency D-Business, she will be the first CF model for mobile shopping search service 'Showcase'  for its launching on January 24.

'Showcase' explained why they chose Ram, "We had our eyes on Ram after seeing her act in the 'family portion' for Donga-Otsuka's representative beverage. We were looking forward to her perfectly capturing the concept of our parody advertisement."

Actors Ji Seung Hyun and Lee Yoo Joon, both of whom made cameos on 'Reply 1994', took part in filming with Ram. All three of them made everyone on set laugh, and many were impressed by Ram's infinite facial expressions.

The video for 'Showcase' will be made into three parts. Ram recently finished filming CFs in which she finds cheaper products than the ones that have climbed the social commerce ladder and more.

The 'Showcase' rep said, "Rather than being simple commercial, it will be  an entertainment content in which you can discover Ram's hidden talents."

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