Dahee Submits 10th Letter of Apology, Lee Ji Yeon Submits Third in Lee byung Hun Blackmail Case

kpopluv, Nov. 7, 2014, 10:58 a.m.

Dahee of the k pop girl group GLAM has submitted her tenth letter of apology in the Lee Byung Hun blackmail case.  Her accomplice Lee Ji Yeon has submitted her third letter of apology.  The pari are being prosecuted for trying to extort and blackmail actor Lee Byung Hun for W5 Million. 

Seoul Central District Court's official website updated on November 7, showing that the two girls had each sent in another letter of apology, which people are speculating contain both apologies and requests for favorable arrangements to be made.  The second round of trials will occur on November 11.  

It does not appear Lee Byung Hun will be showing up in court to testify. AgencyBH Entertainment stated to Newsen recently, "We tried our very best to change the schedule around so he could participate in the trial on November 11, but we were unable to change the schedule because it had already been set a long time ago.  It is definitely not for the sake of purposely avoiding the trial.  He was asked to testify anyway, so he needs to participate in the trial at least once."

Currently, Lee Byung Hun is in Los Angeles with wife, Lee Min Jung, to do various promotions.  "America is neither close nor a place you can visit often, so we left the country after first deciding in South Korea the schedule he has to take on there," the rep stated.  "We wondered if it'd be possible to change [the schedule], but the schedule does not involve only him, so his trip was inevitable.  We thought that keeping a long-time promise is, as expected, one of the things that must be done."

He plans to return to South Korea in mid-November after completing his entire schedule in the United States.


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