[GOOD EATS] Dak Kalguksu One of the Best Comfort Foods

Teddy Kim , Sept. 11, 2013, 1:48 p.m.

Dak Kalguku is a chicken noodle dish in a hot broth. The word "kalguksu" means "knife noodles" and the noodles are cut with a knife. In the bowl of smooth hot broth with noodles and chicken the bowl is garnished with thin slices of zucchinis, onions and green onions. Dak Kalguksu comes with a side of a soy sauce, vinegar, hot pepper, sesame seed, and green onion sauce that you and add to the noodle dish. Dak Kalguksu has been enjoyed by many families in Korea for generation. Dak Kalguksu is one of the great comfort foods that can cool you off during hot days and warm the soul on a cold day. 

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