Dal Shabet’s former member Viki opens up about ongoing legal battle over her past erotic films

June Kang, Oct. 18, 2016, 9:53 a.m.

Former Dal Shabet member Viki, who’s now known as actress Baek Da Eun, is featured in the latest issue of ‘International bnt’ where she showcases a variety of feminine and youthful looks consisting of Peter Pan collared blouses, sweater and skirt combos, and full-blown volumized skirts.

In an accompanying interview with the former idol singer, she opens up about the ongoing legal battle over her past erotic films. When asked about her controversial role in the erotic movie ‘A Pharisee’, she relayed, “When I first received the script, I thought it was a philosophical and artistic film. It was pretty shocking, but thanks to that film, I was able to receive the new actor’s reward, so I’m very grateful.”

Baek Da Eun also discusses her other erotic films, revealing, “The places I signed with turned out to be non-registered production companies, and things that I didn’t desire happened there. These criminal cases have been taken to court, and from now on, I’m never going to sign without accurate paperwork.”

We hope Baek Da Eun is able to resolve all the ongoing issues well!

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