Dal Shabet’s Subin in Hospital for 2 Weeks Longer

D-Bo, June 12, 2014, 9:31 a.m.

Fans may recall that Koogle TV recently reported on the injury that Dal Shabet member Subin suffered after getting into a car accident last month.  Subin’s agency recently updated fans on her condition.  She will remain hospitalized for an additional 2 weeks.  

A Happy Face Entertainment rep stated, "Although her condition has improved a lot, it will take approximately two more weeks for her to be released from the hospital. Because she is wearing a cast on one leg, [Subin] decided to continue to receive treatment at the hospital instead of being released. The surgery went well, and she will fully recover without any major side effects."

Subin is recovering from a Open Reduction and Internal Fixation, which is basically the implementation of implants for the purposes of repairing bone.  She sustained a fracture of her right scaphoid bone and bruises to both legs and her back. Her manager also sustained a collarbone fracture. Dal Shabet are postponing their June comeback until Subin is fully recovered.

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