‘Dancing the Night Away’ with TWICE at ‘TWICELIGHTS’ LA

BanSeok Shin, July 18, 2019, 3:53 p.m.

The Forum in Inglewoold, CA was rocking last night as TWICE lit up the stage! Last night, July 17th (PDT), TWICE held their first ever concert in North America, kicking off the next leg of their ‘TWICELIGHTS’ 2019 World Tour. The indoor area was sold out with ONCEs from a variety of ages, ethnicities, genders, and so on, sporting all sorts of gear in support of the girls. The glow of different colored Candybongs (TWICE’s lightstick) dotted the stands as ONCE eagerly awaited the group to begin their first full concert in the US.

Prior to this concert Korea’s other top three girl groups, BLACKPINK and Red Velvet, already tours that had visited North America. TWICE, however, had only performed at KCON - where they shared stage time with other artists and groups. This was the first time that the group had ever had the stage completely to themselves and ONCE simply couldn’t wait for the show to get started, screaming and cheering at the slightest signs that TWICE might finally come out. And when that time did come it was an absolute ruckus!

 Despite being down a member, TWICE came out looking absolutely confident and showed it despite being overpowered by the music volume and audience for the first few songs (the error was eventually fixed). When it came to introduction time the members introduced themselves as best, they could in English and using a translator when speaking in more detail. During speaking times, Dahyun stole the show as she impressed many ONCEs with significantly more English then the other members, even having whole conversations with fans all while maintaining her signature charm.


Not too long after introduction time the girls, who had previously be dressed in black jackets and skirts, came out in flowing white dressed, looking like angels, to beautifully sing their song ‘AFTER MOON’ in support of groupmate Mina who is recently was announced to be struggling with extreme anxiety when it comes to performing. ONCEs around the arena cheered in support of Mina and those who were able to purchase Candybongs, tuned the stick’s color to mint green also in support.


TWICE continued the concert by performing many of their title tracks like ‘Yes or Yes’, ‘TT’, ‘Like OOH-AHH’, various versions of ‘Cheer Up’, and ‘Dance the Night Away’, but it was painfully obvious that Mina was dearly missed as the group obviously choose not to change certain parts of their choreography to show that support for their absent group-member and sister. This was most evident when during ‘Yes or Yes’ the group splits into two lines to reveal an empty space where Mina would be walking and singing. Additionally, despite the difficulty with Korean, LA ONCEs did their best to sing Mina’s lines.



Apart from the title tracks, TWICE once again proved that they are more than just a ‘cute concept’ group as in addition to their sexy and confident dance for ‘Strawberry’ they also performed sexy and strong dance performances for other songs and in unit performances like Beyonce’s ‘Dance for You’, Taemin’s ‘Goodbye’ and Lady Gaga’s ‘Born This Way’. To put it simply, the girls slayed each of their performances.

Towards the “end” of the concert Jihyo declared that they would be doing their last set of songs and quickly said goodbye before giving their trademark ‘One in a Million’ (not the song) outro. They “ended” the show with their latest Korean title ‘Fancy’ too which the crowd gleefully sang as streamers shot into the air. At the song’s conclusion the stage went dark, and a few unaware people started heading for the exits…but of course the concert wasn’t done! There were still title tracks to sing and final goodbyes from each member to do!


After some fun and games, including fan cam dances, TWICE came back on stage for one more set, starting with ‘Signal’. The group eventually gave their actual goodbyes with their song ‘One in a Million’ playing in the background. The members, speaking in English, expressed their gratitude towards everyone in attendance and their desire to return to LA as a full group. (Nayeon, you promised!) While the majority of the members had bright and relatively happy goodbyes, Jeongyeon, who spoke last, and in Korean, had emotional goodbye as she started crying while talking about Mina’s absence.


The girls finished the night off with a vocal performance of their song ‘Stuck’ followed by the ever excited ‘KNOCK KNOCK’ and a rain of confetti to cap things off. The concert itself was a complete blast with the audience being into it from beginning to end. LA ONCEs are certainly looking forward to the day that TWICE returns as a full group, but until then – TWICE, Fighting!

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