Danger of Deletion

Jun Ko, March 7, 2018, 3:36 p.m.

K-Pop Youtubers have been put into a panic and it's not without reason. Recently, a lot of K-Pop Youtubers have had their videos or even their channel deleted due to copyright strikes from the South Korean media company CJ E&M. The company might be known amongst the K-Pop community through 'KCON' and 'MCountdown' as they're the company behind the popular event and music show. They have been monitoring Youtube for any usage of their content, giving out copyright strikes to those that do. It definitely does not look good for K-Pop Youtubers as they're the ones who face the brunt under the company's acts of giving out copyright strikes.

Popular K-Pop Youtubers, such as Form of Therapy or DKDKTV, have gone through their channel in order to delete videos that used CJ E&M content in order to avoid having their channel deleted. It's undoubtedly frustrating for the Youtubers as it is content deleted. 

What do you think of the situation? 

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