Dangerous Pyrotechnics Raise Safety Issues During Performances!

Sarah Lee, Jan. 16, 2019, 4:14 p.m.

The '28th Seoul Music Awards' recently occured on January 15. There were many performances and and fun moments throughout the event. However, an incident occured that sparked the concerns of many fans and netizens. Throughout BTS' "Fake Love" performance, pyrotechnics were used as various fireworks went off. The location of the pyrotechnics were placed right along the edges where many groups were seated. Fans at the event captured idols running awat from the fireworks as their tables were right next to them. Some members of TWICE, Seventeen, Monsta X, and many other were startled and even ran away from the explosions. 

Fans raised concerns about the idols' safety, commenting, "They're seated way too close to the explosives," "They all look so terrified," "I thought it was a bomb." 

Check out the clips of the incident. 

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