Daniel Dae Kim to Executive Produce Three New Shows

Ben Cho, Oct. 12, 2016, 9:37 a.m.

The famed Korean-American actor Daniel Dae Kim, known for his roles in ‘Hawaii Five-O’ and ‘Lost’, will be starting a whole new kind of project, or should we say three projects very soon! The star will be taking on the role of Executive Producer to produce three new shows under his production company 3AD.


The first project will be titled ‘Exhibit A’, a courtroom drama based off of the South Korea drama ‘My Lawyer, Mr. Jo’. It will be the first US non-action drama that will be featuring an Asian-American lead. The second project will be titled ‘Re Jane’, a comedy adapted from a novel by Patricia Park which shares the same title, and will be aired on TV Land. Both of the projects feature a Korean-American main character.

Daniel Dae Kim’s third project will be ‘The Good Doctor’, and it is a medical drama which is both co-produced and written by ‘House’ creator David Shore. The show is based on the 2013 South Korean drama which shares the same title, and currently has a pilot commitment at ABC.


Daniel Dae Kim currently is also the endorsement model for Clinique for Men, and is part of a campaign called ‘#BehindTheFace’ to help promote overcoming social barriers through video and social media. In Kim’s video, he discusses what it was like to be one of the only Korean Americans growing up in a small town in Pennsylvania. It looks like he’s been keeping very busy, and we hope to see how his projects do soon!

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