Dara Cast As North Korean in KBS Drama “Missing Korea” Opposite Kim Jung Hoon

Nicholas Kim, Sept. 15, 2015, 11:12 a.m.

2NE1’s Dara’s acting skills will be put to the test very soon it seems! YG Entertainment announced on September 15th that she was confirmed for KBS’ one-act drama “Missing Korea” where she would play the lead role, the North Korean representative for the Miss Korea pageant. The story takes place in a fictional year 2020 where both the North and South exchange civil cooperation and economic partnerships. In order to share a culture together, the two countries host the very first North and South Korean joint Miss Korea competition.


Even with the subtle cues of politics in the background, the drama will primarily be a romance comedy. After the one-act drama airs in October, it will be meeting the public once again in a web drama format. Currently Dara is practicing the North Korean dialect in order to portray her character. You will see a completely dolled up Dara, wearing a tiara and full ensemble for the drama. Starring opposite of her will be Kim Jung Hoon as the head of the organizing committee for the competition.


The production crew stated that the drama will be airing around the same time when the North and South Korean families wold be reuniting.
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