Dara reveals how a comment made her lose confidence in her figure

Jessica Lee, Nov. 16, 2017, 3:17 p.m.

On "Get It Beauty 2017", Dara mentioned that she's extremely self-conscious about her thin figure. Back in school, she mentioned that "a popular boy said you're not a woman if you're not curvy and taller than 170 cm (5'7")." Dara said that she lost a lot of confidence after that remark. 

She mentioned how Koreans criticize her looks a lot. "I wear revelating clothes when I'm abroad but I'm told not to do that here in Korea. People criticize my body a lot. Some negative comments I've received are that I have 'an elementary figure' or that they 'don't see me as a woman at all." 

After hearing this, Honey Lee, the host of the program, pointed out that Korean society places an extremely large emphasis on one's appearance. "You get a lot of comments even when you gain just a smidgen of weight. I've had people call me a pig." 

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