Davichi Holds a ‘Free Hug’ Event as Part of Promotions for New Mini Album ‘Davichi HUG’

kpopluv, Jan. 21, 2015, 1:28 p.m.

K pop duo Davichi recently held a free hug event in Myeongdong as part of promotions for the release of their latest mini album Davichi HUG.  Hosting a 'Free Hug' event a day before the release of their new album, Davichi blocked the streets of Myeongdong with their overwhelming popularity as around 800 fans gathered to see the duo. This is the first time the pair met with their fans as CJ E&M's Davichi ever since they departed from their previous agency Core Contents Media. Through this event, Davichi was able to share their love for their fans and personally thank them for the eight years of support. 

Davichi said, "We didn't know that so many people would come out. This is a general free hug event, but because it's our first ever since our debut, we are really happy and excited." They then promised their fans, 'We will repay you for your support for 'Davichi HUG'."

Davichi  is a South Korean pop-ballad duo that consists of Lee Haeri and Kang Minkyung. The duo was formed in 2008 by Mnet Media.  Davichi was derived from the word "Dabichi" which means the light to shine over the world, illustrating their voices to be spread over the world, explained by Lee Haeri during one of the episodes of Pops In Seoul.



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