DAY6 Releases Behind the Scenes Video and Teasers for New Tracks

Ben Cho, Feb. 3, 2017, 9:17 a.m.

DAY6 recently announced their ‘Every DAY6 February’ single release scheduled to be out in only a few days, and the boys revealed an interview and some behind the scenes photos of the group on set of their newest music video! One of the interview questions asked DAY6 to choose which track between ‘I Wait’ and ‘Goodbye Winter’ was their favorite. The two tracks were released last month to start their year-long music release project.


Young K replied, ‘For this question, I think all of the members would agree on 'Goodbye Winter'.’


The group seems to choose ‘Goodbye Winter’ as their favorite anthem, but it looks like ‘I Wait’ also has a very special place in the members’ hearts. The tracks are both awesome in their own ways, and we’re excited to see more from the group this month.

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