DAY6 talk about "Every Day6" project in "Allure"

Jessica Lee, Dec. 6, 2017, 10:11 a.m.

DAY6 recently posed for the latest issue of "Allure Korea" and discuss their growth as a band as their year-long project "Every Day6" comes to an end. Their last release of the year for the project will be "Moonrise" which features all the project songs from July to December and will be released on December 6. 

Jae remarks, "There were parts that were hard, but generally, it was an amazing and fun experience."

Sungjin adds, "We worked incredibly hard. I can't imagine another time in our lives where we give so much of our passion into something like this."

Wonpil says, "Every Day6 isn't ending this year because next year will have something special too."

Dowoon was asked if there was a memorable performance, because, in addition to releasing 2 new songs every month, they also held a concert every month. "When we had a showcase for our 1st full album at the same place where we made our debut. That was memorable. I was on the drums look at my hyungs' backs and I thought to myself, 'We've come so far.'"

We're sad that this project is ending too but we can't wait to see what you'll be creating in the future!

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