Day6's Jae contributes to fanfiction about himself

Jessica Lee, Dec. 4, 2017, 10:42 a.m.

Usually, when you write fanfiction about real people, you kinda hope that the person you're writing fanfiction about never finds it. But for one My Day, Day6's Jae found their fanfiction and added to it. It's unsure how he found it because there's no mention of his name in the tweet. 

Jae has been known to hilariously interact with fans on Twitter so it's honestly not surprising to see him do this. 

Day6 are currently preparing to release a new album "Moonrise" which will contain all the songs from their Every Day6 project from July to December. It will also feature three new songs: "I Like You", "Better Better", and "I'll Try". 

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