DEAN’s Inspiration is American Actor James Dean

David Song, March 23, 2016, 8:14 a.m.

Vocal artist DEAN shared that he was a very big admirer of the classic American actor James Dean when he discussed his first Extended Play album titled “130 mood: TRBL”. At the press conference held on March 23rd he said, "I got my name from James Dean. The hood of his car had the numbers '130' on it. He remodeled the car to challenge himself, and I wanted to have the same mentality. I wanted to put that mood into my album, so I titled it '130 mood'."


Kwon Hyuk, better known by his stage name DEAN (styled as DΞΔN), is a "future" or alternative R&B singer, songwriter and record producer who originates from South Korea. He selected his name from actor James Dean, whose rebellious image appealed to him, and performs with American and South Korean artists.

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