Death of Singer Shin Hae Chul Sparks Investigation Into Hospital

luvsmiling, Nov. 3, 2014, 9:59 a.m.

Prosecutors investigating the death of legendary singer-songwriter Shin Hae-chul raided a hospital in Gangnam on Saturday where the star went into cardiac arrest during intestinal surgery.  Police said an autopsy will be conducted on Monday but records revealed evidence of a botched procedure.

Eight investigators spent some three hours at the hospital on Saturday morning and seized medical records detailing the treatment the singer received.   Shin had an intestinal operation at the hospital on Oct. 17 and was sent home but returned a couple of days later complaining of abdominal pain. During an operation to lengthen his lower intestine, the so-called Bianchi procedure, on Oct. 22 he had a heart attack and fell into the coma. 

He was rushed to Asan Medical Center but died on Oct. 27.  Surgery records at Asan Medical Center show that Shin had a 1 cm hole in the lower part of his small intestine that caused intestinal fluids and digested food particles to seep out and cause an infection.

A police spokesman said they will summon hospital staff to establish whether malpractice was involved. They will also seek advice from medical experts. The autopsy results will be out in about two weeks.

Shin's wife Yoon Won-hee filed a complaint against the hospital on Friday on charges of unpremeditated homicide. The family originally planned to cremate Shin but decided to wait for the autopsy.  The head of the hospital, who was scheduled to appear as a regular panelist on a TV program, abruptly canceled his appearance on Oct. 27. 

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