Debate of Sexual Harassment Sparked from a clip of a male South Korean reporter being kissed by female soccer fans

Jun Ko, July 5, 2018, 6:08 p.m.

A video of a male South Korean World Cup reporter being kissed by two female Russian soccer fans has been making the rounds on Chinese social media. The event occurred on June 28th in Russia and it has been a big source of debate on the Chinese social media site 'Weibo'. Numerous Chinese netizens have been debating whether or not this incident was deemed sexual harassment. Previously, some male fans were criticized by kissing a female Colombian World Cup reporter on-air. Some Chinese netizens called it a double standard as the female fans were not reproached for the same behavior. Some of the users that deemed it as sexual harassment commented: "It is a very sharp contrast with the previous news", "Why is this not sexual harassment?", and (sarcastically) "If it's a good-looking person (kissing), then it's not called sexual harassment." Numerous other users called for the equality of men and women, stating that the response to this incident upholds the fact that inequality still exists between genders. 

What do you think of the incident? 

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