December’s Yoon Hyuk Caught Driving with Suspended License

Nicholas Kim, Feb. 6, 2017, 8:20 a.m.

December member Yoon Hyuk was recently pulled over by authorities once seen operating a motor vehicle, and it seems that he does not have a driver’s license! His agency announced, ‘It's true that Yoon Hyuk drove without a license yesterday. The fact was discovered from police investigation. We apologize in Yoon Hyuk's place. There is no excuse.’


At around 4 PM KST on February 5th, Yoon Hyuk was driving when he was pulled over by authorities. His driving license was previously suspended from penalty points accrued over time. He was unable to procure his identification on the scene, and after investigation has been sent home.


His agency in closing said, ‘We can only say we're sorry. For a bit, Yoon Hyuk will take time to reflect on his actions.’

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