[DELISH] Simple Kimchi Fried Rice

S. Jin, Feb. 8, 2016, 4:12 p.m.

As a college student or post-grad career woman/man who just doesn't have the time nor the need to cook up a feast every meal, it's nice to have a few simple recipes on hand for a quick lunch or dinner! So what dish can be simple to whip up without compromising taste? Kimchi fried rice!

With a major component of kimchi and delectable bite-sized pieces of meat for substance, this dish is easy to make and still tastes AMAZING. Check out the ingredients and directions below!


- Spam

- Pork

- Kimchi

- Red pepper paste (optional)

- Rice

- Sesame oil

- Egg


1. Prep and cut up the kimchi, spam, and pork.

2. Cook the spam and pork in the frying pan first (no cooking oil necessary).

3. Once the pork is fully cooked, add the cut-up kimchi and stir together.

4. Add about five regular spoonfuls of kimchi juice/sauce (from the kimchi jar/bag) for flavor.

5. After cooking the kimchi for a bit, add a little bit of sesame oil.

6. Add rice and stir together. If your fried rice seems a bit bland, feel free to add red pepper paste for more flavor.

7. Cook a sunny-side egg and add on top of your finished kimchi fried rice for the perfect bite!


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