‘Descendants of the Sun’ Reaches Over a Whopping 20 Percent in Viewer Ratings!

AJ Lee, March 3, 2016, 10:17 a.m.

According to Nielsen Korea, the third installment of KBS 2TV’s much-anticipated drama ‘Descendants of the Sun’ has reached over 20 percent in viewer ratings all across South Korea! In fact, the series hit a whopping 23.4 percent in viewership, an impressive 7.9 percent increase from its second episode last week which was marked at 15.5 percent.

The third episode mainly revolved around Yoo Si Jin, played by Song Joong Ki, and Kang Mo Yeon, played by Song Hye Gyo, reuniting again in Uruk.

Despite having just premiered, especially at the beginning of the year, ‘Descendants of the Sun’ is already expected to become the highest rated drama of 2016! Having achieved over 20 percent in viewer ratings in just three episodes is very impressive, but definitely not surprising as the production has been receiving much love from audiences for its blockbuster-quality production, the cast’s excellent acting, and steady progression in the storyline.

‘Descendants of the Sun’ has also achieved another honor, as it’s become the first KBS mini-series to hit over 20 percent in viewer ratings in three years!

‘Descendants of the Sun’ airs every Wednesday and Thursday!

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